Mario Arnold Reporoa, Waikato

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Mario and Lisa Arnold purchased their 90 hectare Reporoa farm in 2014. The property was under-utilised and had a lot of productive potential.

“The dairy shed was old and didn’t have good cow flow, taking around 2¾ hours to milk our herd of 240 cows.  The effluent system was pretty-much non-existent, basically a 200 litre sump which discharged into the paddock,” Mario recalls.

“We built a new herringbone dairy, dug a 20m x 20m storage pond to give us 90 days storage and got Hi-Tech Enviro in to design and install a new effluent system.”

Mario says the new effluent system “is brilliant.  Effluent gravity feeds from the shed to a stone trap and then to the storage pond. From there it is irrigated to around 16 hectares of pasture via hydrants. The shore based pond stirrer has a huge stirring effort minimising solids build-up in the pond and, working with the pump controller, delivering a consistent consistency to the Cobra.

 “The Cobra is very simple to operate and enables me to get effluent to parts of the farm we could never reach before; that makes a huge difference – in terms of the environment and pasture growth.

“It’s great knowing I’ve got an effluent system which is compliant and enables me to utilise the effluent more wisely.

“Hi-Tech’s before and after sales support has been fantastic; available around the clock to resolve issues and generally committed to ensuring the system did all – and more – of what we wanted.”

Herd Size

250 Cows

Herd Housing


Soil Risk


Key Products

Mono 18/90 pump, Hi-tech shore-based stirrer, Hi-tech 11kw pump controller, Cobra G2 travelling irrigator

Key Services

Full Farm Effluent System design and Installation