Malcolm Macdonald's Farm Puketaha, Waikato

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Malcolm's Brief - 

“The consent to discharge farm dairy effluent from my four-pond system was due to expire in three months so I wanted Hi-Tech to advise, design and install a compliant FDE system that would meet Waikato Regional Council rules for irrigating effluent to land. A key factor in the design was ensuring it future-proofed the farm for an increase in herd size to around 500 cows.”

Our Solution - 

The Hi-Tech team calculated and designed an irrigation area of 42ha to meet the Waikato Regional Council’s rules for Nitrogen, which is 150kgs N/ha/year. To cover this area we selected a 15hp pump to supply the required minimum of 50PSI at the Cobra Travelling Raingun across the entire farm.

The pump was located on a 5-drum= pontoon with a floating delivery pipe system connecting it to the shore. This allows flexibility to move the pump and stirrer around the current pond and possibly to a new pond in the future. An added safety aspect to the floating delivery is that it limits access onto the pontoon. A 5hp vertical stirrer with deflector cone was added to the pontoon to stir up solids in the pond and create more consistent effluent for irrigation. Hi-Tech installed a 2.4km hydrant line that covers a 47ha area exceeding the Regional Council rules for applying dairy effluent Nitrogen to pasture.

The Cobra was well suited to the mix of high and low risk soils on the farm. The design means it only takes two runs to cover a full paddock. The design uses the first of the four ponds for storage providing a more cost effective solution for Malcolm in the short term. The system has been designed to suit a new pond in the future when required.

Malcolm is extremely happy with the new farm dairy effluent system saying he wants Hi-Tech to “build me another one” for his second farm.

Herd Size 400 Cows
Feed Pad No
Herd Housing No
Soil RIsk Mix of high & low Risk
Annual Rainfall 1100mm
Key Products Stone trap and Lined pond, 5 Drum Pontoon with floating delivery, 4kW Hi-Tech Vertical Stirrer, 11kW Doda Pump, Cobra Travelling Raingun, Hydrant Line
Key Services Hi-Tech designed and installed an accredited FDE system.