Landcorp SH5, Taupo, Waikato

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Landcorp's Brief - 

“The existing effluent system uses stationary guns which are very time consuming – a lot of man hours are involved operating them but we also get a lot of blockages throughout the system due to the size of the gun nozzles. We want to eliminate those issues, extend the current effluent block and ensure that the new system is safe for all staff and visitors to the farm.”

Our Solution - 

Hi-Tech installed a new effluent mainline that connected into the existing system creating a ring main effluent line using Hi-Tech Tee hydrants. This enabled a larger volume of effluent to be pumped at one time via a new Cobra Travelling Rain Gun capable of handling up to 44,000 litres/hour. We also installed a 25/100 Mono PC Pump to deliver a constant flow and pressure to the irrigator. The Mono pump was installed on shore and not on a pontoon to minimise the need for people to go onto the pond area.

The manager of Landcorp’s Renown farm said “the new system with the cobra Travelling rain gun is simple and easy to use, it is also effective and uses a lot less man hours than the old system. Hi-Tech installed a failsafe system on the pump and irrigator. The new shore mounted pump at the pond has also made the system safer eliminating the need for anyone to go out to a pontoon to work on the pump.“

Herd Size 1900 Cows
Feed Pad No, in shed feeding
Herd Housing No
Soil RIsk Low Risk
Annual Rainfall 1100mm
Key Products Stone trap and lined pond, 5hp stirrer on pontoon, Mono PC Pump, Cobra 400G2 Travelling Raingun, Hydrant Line with T Hydrants
Key Services Hi-Tech designed and installed a complete FDE system