G & B Irwin Farm Kereone, Waikato

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Geoff's Brief - 

“The current FDE system doesn’t have enough storage and I want to resolve this before it becomes a compliance issue. I also want to limit the amount of rainwater entering the system and would like to add a stonetrap which, along with the additional storage, will make the overall system more flexible.

We want to future-proof the farm and recently built a herd home arranging for Hi-Tech to install a 1.6km hydrant line so we can irrigate the back of the farm. A feedpad is also a possibility for the future so I need a storage system which will ensure we’re compliant.

I’m a keen skier and so value being able to get time away from the farm so the system has to be easy to operate and not need a lot of maintenance.”

Our Solution - 

Hi-Tech calculated and designed the optimum pond size arranging the construction of a 2,000m3 lined pond in compliance with IPENZ Practice Note 21. The headloss was calculated to run a travelling irrigator through the recently expanded hydrant line. The Hi-Tech team also installed a 5-drum pontoon with 15hp Doda pump and stirrer.

A floating delivery pipe system connects the pontoon to the shore, limiting access onto the pontoon and allowing Geoff to move it around the pond for optimum pumping and agitation. 

Geoff says the new dairy effluent system is “top of the line, cost effective and works well for us. It is so easy to manage. Having a lined storage pond is fantastic. Not only is the storage there for when conditions are not suitable for applying dairy effluent to pasture, but it also allows us to have more control and apply the dairy effluent at the optimum time to maximise pasture growth and nutrient utilisation.”

Herd Size 320 Cows
Feed pad No
Herd Housing Yes
Soil Risk High and Low Risk
Annual Rainfall 1100mm
Key Products

5 Drum Pontoon with floating delivery, 4kW Hi-Tech Vertical Stirrer, 11kW Doda Pump, Cobra Travelling Raingun, Hydrant Line

Key Services Full Farm Dairy Effluent Design and Installaton