Allen Farm Morrinsville, Waikato

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Hamish's Brief - 

Hamish Brown sharemilks on the Allen farm and says the farm backs onto State Highway 26 on the outskirts of Morrinsville which means the barrier ditches edging the boundary line are highly visible to traffic.

“While not an obvious issue for the farm, our farm supply company had concerns and we needed to remove the barrier ditches. We wanted to create a better look for the farm for passing traffic but also wanted a highly effective dairy effluent system which ensured compliance.”

Our Solution - 

The Hi-Tech team recommended a longer ranging system installing a Pump Station with a 70mÑ Sump and a Tasman Tank which gave Hamish the ability to pump from two different locations. In order to irrigate the full width of paddocks in one pass, two Hydrant Lines were used to cover the 29 Hectares of land and coupled with a Cobra Travelling Raingun. We also included a flooded suction line from the Tasman Tank 90 metres back to the pump.

Hamish says he’s very pleased with the new system. “It works really well and has certainly improved the appearance of the farm from the road.”

Herd Size 300 Cows
Feed pad No
Herd Housing No
Soil Risk High
Annual Rainfall 1,300mm
Key Products Tasman Tank, 70m³ Concrete Sump, Submersible Stirrer, Close Coupled Pump, Cobra Travelling Raingun, Hydrant Line
Key Services Accredited full design and installation by Hi-Tech