Nicholas Family Farm Opunake, Taranaki

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Steve's Brief - 

“We’re currently milking 390 cows and want to future-proof all the farm systems so we can easily milk 400 cows. I want the farm to have a fully compliant land irrigation system with low labour inputs which enables growth in herd size.

We only want to move the irrigator once or twice a day at most, and want sufficient storage to set us in good stead for unfavourable irrigation conditions and/or breakdowns. I’ve asked Hi-Tech to come in and design a system that’ll meet the Taranaki Regional Council requirements for effluent irrigation to land.”

Our Solution - 

Hi-Tech completed a comprehensive assessment of the farm and recommended that appropriate irrigation equipment be installed which combined the best pump to deliver appropriate depths and rates of dairy effluent for the farm and its soil type over an irrigation area of 28ha which was under the Council’s 200kg/ ha/year of Nitrogen rule. Steve has the option to, in the future, extend this area to meet K maintenance levels.

The installation included a 5 drum pontoon with pump and stirrer which was a good option for the current pond and can also be moved to a new pond in the future. A new hydrant line was fitted delivering effluent to a Cobra Travelling Irrigator.

The design also included the installation of a stone trap and manual rainwater diverters. Steve says the new installation has delivered all the things he wanted, saying he is now “learning to get the most out of his farm’s effluent.”

Herd Size 400 Cows
Feed Pad Yes
Herd Housing No
Soil Risk Low RIsk
Annual Rainfall 1590mm
Key Products 20Hp Doda pump on a 5 Drum, Pontoon with a floating delivery and a 5Hp stirrer, Cobra Travelling Raingun, Hydrant Line
Key Services Hi-Tech designed and installed an accredited FDE system.