McIntyre Brother's Farm Inglewood, Taranaki

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Ian and Victor McIntyre's Brief - 

“We’ve been using a two pond treatment system which discharges to a tributary of the Manganui River but want to move to land irrigation. While the two pond system is still working we’re concerned about the environment and want to move to a land based system which is compliant and which will benefit the quality of pasture on the farm.”

Our Solution - 

The Hi-Tech team designed a complete FDE system for the farm which would meet Ian and Victor’s objectives and calculated that there was up to $33,000 of effluent fertiliser available on the farm.

Using the current treatment ponds for storage we looked at pump options that would work well on the hilly farm which had a rise of 40m to the next terrace. Hi-Tech supplied the design and product while Northern Farm Services installed and managed the project through product installation, electrical and consent application. On consultation with Taranaki Regional Council the farm has two year’s dual consent to help with the transition and allow time to manage the freeboard of the ponds. Northern Farm Services installed a Mono PC pump to overcome the large pressure variations in the irrigation system due to land contours and distances.

Ian and Victor are delighted to no longer be discharging into the Manganui River and are pleased in the payback they are getting with pasture improvement thanks to the new effluent irrigation system.

Herd Size 700 Cows
Feed Pad No
Herd Housing No
Soil RIsk Low Risk
Annual Rainfall 2000mm
Key Products Mono PC Pump, Cobra Travelling Raingun and stationary guns
Key Services Design and, working with Northern Farm Services, installation of an accredited FDE system.