Jon Pemberton's Farm Southland

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Jon's Brief - 

“In 2011 we were milking 800 cows on a leased 300 hectare farm in Mataura. We had a travelling irrigator and seven pods which I wasn’t happy with. I wasn’t getting an even application or overlap. The system wasn’t big enough. We were required to have 120 days of storage so when you got the opportunity you wanted to get as much effluent as possible onto the paddocks quickly – but the system was slow with uneven coverage.”

Our Solution - 

After visiting the farm and talking with Jon, Hi-Tech Enviro Solutions recommended he consider replacing his pods with a Cobra Travelling Raingun. Progressive Engineering asked if he would like to be involved in farmer trials which enabled farmerfriendly enhancements like the front wheel.

Jon says “I’d read about the Cobra and liked the fact that it had a big gun and high volume so you could get rid of effluent quickly so I was pretty happy to have one on the farm to trial. 

Basically, once it was here, it wasn’t leaving. I haven’t used anything since.

We moved to our own property two years ago and took the Cobra with us. We use it once a week, it empties the pond very quickly and couldn’t be simpler or easier to use. We’ve got long paddocks and it does a really good job, even distribution with no circles. It’s low centre of gravity also means it can handle contour better than industry standard irrigators so it was good on the first property, which was rolling, and it’s great on flat land like our current farm.”

Herd Size 350 Cows
Feed Pad No
Herd Housing No
Soil RIsk Low RIsk
Annual Rainfall 1000mm
Key Products Cobra 300G Travelling Raingun
Key Service Advice and design from Hi-Tech and installation by Progressive.