Pete Dyer's Farm Morven, Canterbury

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Pete's Brief - 

“The farm originally ran bull beef and was converted to dairying in 2014/2015. This is its first year of operation.

“We developed the entire farm to dairying – new dairy, fences, races and effluent system. I wanted an integrated system which would separate solids leaving green water which could then be easily irrigated via our centre pivots. That meant good separation which is why I went with a screw press separator. Dry matter is stored in the bunker so it can be spread onto distant parts of the farm.”

Our Solution - 

After visiting the farm and talking with Pete, Hi Tech Enviro Solutions provided Pete with an accredited design from the dairy to the storage pond.

The integrated system included a stone trap to remove unwanted solids, a bunker to hold dry matter and an effluent tank capable of holding 3 days of effluent. A float switch in the tank ensures the pump and 3 KW horizontal stirrer start automatically avoiding the need for someone to turn it on and minimising the risk of overflow.

A 10hp transfer pump was installed which pumps directly to a Nock Screw Press Separator at 20-25,000 litres per hour.

Green water is then gravity fed to the pond where it is stirred before irrigation to pasture.

Pete says ease of compliance was a major benefit from having the system designed and installed by an accredited provider. There weren’t any gaps, all questions were answered and Ecan just signed it off. “The system is easy to operate and works really well. Auto greasing means you don’t need to do anything; it just happens automatically.”

Herd Size 650 Cows
Feed Pad No
Herd Housing No
Soil RIsk Low RIsk
Annual Rainfall 550mm
Key Products Horizontal Stirrer, Screw Press Separator, Transfer Pump
Key Services A complete turnkey Solution, advice and design by Hi-Tech and installation by Field Engineering