Pukahina Farms Te Puke, Bay of Plenty

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Vernon's Brief - 

“I want to replace my current three pond soakage system with an irrigation system for the farm. There are two large treatment (oxidation) ponds on the farm and a soakage pond, but no irrigation equipment.

I want the benefits of irrigating dairy effluent to the farm from a fully compliant land irrigation system with low labour inputs (irrigating say one or two times a week). The system needs to have sufficient storage for unfavourable irrigation conditions and/or breakdowns.

I like the idea of a PTO pump but don’t want the tractor to be parked and left at the pond to run the pump. I may need to upgrade the transformer for the new system because, currently, the low power source wouldn’t allow the cowshed and effluent system to run at the same time.”

Our Solution - 

After a thorough evaluation of the challenges and opportunities, the Hi-Tech team, working with Thinkwater, decided it wasn’t beneficial for the owner to upgrade the transformer so we designed a system that could be run using a Hi-Tech PTO 27 Doda pump.

We got around using the tractor PTO by installing a Doda pedestal pump connected to a Trans Diesel D756IPE2 Motor. Vernon says he is "very happy with the end result. Hi-Tech delivered not only a design that meets the Council requirements but also one that is effective for the size of the farm, and easy to operate.”

Herd Size 200 Cows
Feed Pad No
Herd Housing No
Soil RIsk Low RIsk
Annual Rainfall 1200mm
Key Products Hi-Tech effluent hydrants, Hi-Tech water diverters, Pre-cast stone traps, Cobra 300G Travelling Rain gun, Doda PTO27 Pedestal pump connected to a Trans diesel motor
Key Services Hi-Tech designed an accredited FDE system which was installed by Thinkwater, Bay of Plenty.