Effluent Storage Bladder

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When considering storage options, an effluent storage bladder may be your best solution. Like all lined storage solutions, it is preferable to separate solids before storage. For smaller farms an effluent storage bladder may very well fit in with your existing infrastructure of a good stone trap and sump.

Labaronne bladders have been manufactured in France for over 50 years and have an excellent track record. They have been used in locations over Europe, Africa, South America and New Zealand so they are well tested and proven.

Some key advantages of storage bladders are:
• Reduced storage as no rain water is collected
• No freeboard is required as typically needed in a tank or a pond, further reducing storage
• No building permits required
• Minimal earthworks required, bladders are self supporting and only require a compacted sand pad
• Ideal for areas with high water tables or unstable soils such as peat

• Bladders come supplied with multiple inlets and outlets complete with gate valves and camlock fittings
• Stirring is possible using an innovative Waikato Milking Systems agitation system
• Minimal health and safety risk as no one can fall in
• Modular system, extra bladders can easily be connected as farms expand or as finance allows
• Sizes from 100m3 to 1000m3

• Minimal odour as there is no exposure to the air
• Excellent nutrient retention, no nitrogen is lost to atmosphere as it is in an uncovered storage system
• Less storage is required meaning less effluent to apply, reduces environmental impact
• No crusting as effluent is not exposed to the air