Vertical Stirrer

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Vertical stirrers, with a unique three blade propeller, effectively and efficiently stir sludge in tanks and ponds, breaking up crusting.

Designed to deliver the highest level of efficiency for the most demanding dairy effluent conditions, the stirrers effortlessly mix heavy waste, even in very large dairy effluent tanks, making it ideal for feed pads and separators.

The stirrer can be used by itself on a pontoon or with a pump. The ideal pontoon system is designed so it can be easily moved to ensure the entire pond is stirred.

• No greasing required
• Oil bath lubrication prevents lower bearings from rusting or seizing
• Tungsten carbide mechanical seals increase life of stirrer

• Efficient blades stir the dairy effluent introducing air to minimize odours and gases
• Low power usage
• Breaks down solids making it easier for soils to absorb effluent and utilize nutrients

• Standard 4kW and 7.5kW motors
• Standard shafts 0.6m to 2.5m
• 5hp vertical stirrer can be mounted on the 3 drum pontoon but the 10hp is best on a 4 drum
• Custom sizes available on request