Pond Pumping

Whether you have a lined pond or not, we can help pump it! Our pond pumping service includes:
• Pumping 100,000 litres plus an hour quickly and efficiently to empty your ponds
• Often using an existing hydrant line to connect to 
• Spreading to the required standard

We are pond pumping experts with a difference. Some of the differences you will experience are:
• Extremely well trained and experienced operators
• Operators who take pride in what they do
• Work with the farmers to get the job done right
• Spray nearly your entire paddock not just some of it
• Good even consistent spread
• Work to council guidelines
• Can provide the farmer with the volume pumped and get their dairy effluent tested so they know how much nitrogen and potassium has been applied
• Ability to vary depth of dairy effluent applied based on the farmers requirements, strength of nitrogen and potassium, as well as moisture content of the soil and its ability to retain the dairy effluent within the root zone
• The most powerful and efficient pond pumping equipment in the region which lessens pumping time, pumps further and enables us to deal with the most types of dairy effluent ponds
• Ability to pump further due to the amount of hose available
• Use of trough covers to avoid contamination

Give us a call at 0800 889 7755 for you pond pumping needs today!