Roller Press Separator

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Separating solids from effluent reduces sludge build-up in storage ponds and the chance of blockages in irrigation equipment generating liquid nutrients which can be applied to pasture.

The Doda Roller Press Separator utilises a rotating drum and roller slurry compression system to separate large volumes of solid and liquid wastes, producing a very dry product. It is an ideal choice where sand and/or long fibres contaminate the dairy slurry and will not have the high wear issues commonly associated with screw separators. The Roller Press Separator requires low power.

Designed for reliability, durability and minimal maintenance, the separator will give you large processing capacity with optimal solids separation.

• Low maintenance
• Large processing capacity and optimal solids separation
• Built-in stone trap

• Odourless product which stores well
• Low water and power usage

• Large capacity 12-60m3 per hour
• Range of drum screen sizes from 1.3–3.0mm