Effluent Vibra Screen

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The Effluent Vibra Screen is a pre-treatment system for dairy shed effluent that separates the solids from effluent and wash down water, down to 1mm compressible solid. This is done by utilising a stainless steel vibrating screen, a method proven reliable in many other industries for decades.

The system processes dairy shed wash-down water at a rate of up to 54 cubic metres per hour, significantly more than many other systems. Its solid robust construction combined with minimal moving parts provides a simple and reliable effluent system with low running costs. The Vibra Screen can be retrofitted to suit existing on farm infrastructure helping reduce initial capital costs.

• Capable of processing large volumes of raw effluent
• Low maintenance
• Minimal moving parts
• Separates solids to <1mm
• Recycle water for wash down
• Centre pivot injection compatible
• Cost efficient

• The separation process has minimal moving parts which provides reliability, low maintenance and low running costs
• Vibrating screen allows liquid to pass through for storage in tank or pond - from here distribution to irrigation or wash down
• The system can be retro fitted into existing effluent system, reducing capital expense
• Once liquid is separated it can be stored and used in existing irrigation systems

• Separated solids can be spread on non irrigated areas therefore extending the effluent block and reducing Nitrogen and Potassium loadings on soils
• Solids can be easily stored for application when weather conditions allow and are easily transported for application to run off blocks
• Excellent returns from crops can be achieved with lower fertiliser costs by applying solids to crop paddocks

How do you choose what is the right separation method for your farm?
Key things to consider are:
1. Volume that the separation method will need to handle per hour.
2. Size of the solids that you wish to remove.
3. The amount of moisture that you need taken out.
4. Availability of power.