Transfer Pump

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Transfer pumps are used for fast transferring of effluent to a separation system or storage facility. Transfer pumps use less power and are 2 - 4 times faster than commonly used irrigation pumps.

The Doda pumps are designed to pump dairy effluent not normally handled by standard pumps. Rotating chopping knives chop solid waste, straw, maize and grass silage. Nozzles can be used to control the volume to the separator. By adding the propeller option you will gain increased agitation. 

The specially designed pump head enables effortless pumping of large volumes.

World renown Doda pumps, the toughest, most efficient and durable on the market, will future proof your dairy effluent system.

• Safe and low maintenance
• Self-priming and no need for regular greasing or replacement of grease cartridges
• No exposed moving parts from water line

• Simply transfers dairy effluent from small tanks to large storage facilities, avoiding the risk of over irrigation caused by failure to switch pump from irrigator to pond
• Ability to pump high volumes keeps up with rainfall preventing tank overflow
• High volume, low power usage

• Models from 7.5 to 22.5kW
• Pumps up to 270,000 litres per hour