Progressive Cavity Pumps

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Mono Progressive Cavity Pumps use less power, produce consistent pressure and volume than standard dairy effluent pumps. Ideally suited for long distance and / or high elevation pipelines.

Their low power usage enables farmers with power supply issues to gain more pressure and performance from their dairy effluent system without a costly upgrade of their power supply. These shore based pumps deliver consistent pressure at every hydrant enabling consistent depths of effluent or irrigation to be applied from the front paddocks to the back paddocks.

Low running speeds reduce wear and result in a longer working pump life.

A wide range of pump sizes is available.

• Shore based for ease of maintenance and operator safety
• No exposed moving parts
• Easy to use and maintain

• Consistent volume over irrigation area minimizing risk of ponding or runoff
• Optional flow and high/low pressure switches prevent environmental accidents
• Low power usage

• Handles solids up to 10mm diameter
• Pumps up to 10.5 litres per second
• Pressure up to 110 metres