Multi Controller

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Your choice of controller for your effluent or water pump is central to applying the correct quality and quantity of nutrients to your paddocks while saving power and money. The effluent pump controller incorporates a variable speed drive that will only run your pump at the speed that it needs to operate, giving you power saving up to 50%.

The Multi Controller will protect your system against failures in the field like pipe leaks, while also protecting your pumps from power issues and displaying through the alarm output. The three set points allows the pump to operate at the optimum power consumption to give power saving and extended life of the pump motor.

• Protection against loss of prime, pipe blockages and leaks
• Three easy selectable set points for pressure and flow
• Motor protection against power spikes, surges and motor overload
• Operate effluent system automatically from float level system
• Has an alarm output for fault detection
• Integration to most monitoring systems
• Monitor system on display

• Controller assists with correct quality and quantity of effluent application
• Fully weather proof stainless steel enclosure designed for New Zealand conditions
• Flow and/or pressure control for precise effluent application

• Supplied in a fully weatherproof stainless steel enclosure with room for all other electrical control gear
• The cabinet is fully vented thus ensuring that the controllers life expectancy isn’t reduced by high temperatures
• Built to run on New Zealand rural power
• Available in both flow and pressure control models.
• Protects against loss of prime
• Protects against motor overload
• Protects against pipe blockage
• Can detect pipe leaks
• Protects the motor from power spikes and surges
• A maximum run time can be set
• Has an alarm output
• Can control a stirrer when an optional stirrer kit is fitted
• Can control a priming solenoid
• Can be started and stopped by a standard effluent level float system
• Three separate set-points can be freely switched between
• Can be configured to run any type of pump
• Experience has shown that, in a typical installation, power savings average about 50%
• Three year warranty
• Unlike a soft starter the controller actually extends the life expectancy of the motor