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A pontoon is the traditional method that pumps are floated on effluent ponds or tanks.

Waikato Milking Systems Pontoons have been designed with safety in mind. Not only are they extremely stable and robust, but they also have safety hand rails and tread plates (5 drum pontoons and booms).

The strong, unique modular design ensures maximum stability whilst in operation on the pond, and also during maintenance of the pump and stirrer.

The unique design of the Pontoon maximises the flow of dairy effluent in the pond, reducing crusting and solids build up. This means less maintenance on your pond, whilst maximising the distribution of nutrients to pasture where it benefits you most.

• Hand rails and tread plates on booms and pontoon
• Lifting points make it easy to remove from ponds

• Increased flow to and around the pontoon improves flow and oxygen in pond reducing odours and gases
• Utilises recycled drums

• Designed to support 140kg stirrers or pumps
• Available in modular kitset