Cobra Travelling Raingun

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The next generation Cobra Travelling Raingun will change the way you irrigate your farm and deliver the return on investment you deserve from your dairy effluent system.

Not only can it achieve low application depths and rates, but it also spreads over large distances. What’s more, with no long boom arms, it is easy to move around and set up.

The Cobra Travelling Raingun allows application depths as low as 1 mm and application rates down to 4.2mm per hour, averting ponding. You will be able to spread over large areas with full or partial circles and a setting that allows spreading to one side to accommodate sidling land.

The next generation Cobra Travelling Raingun features a shear bolt safety mechanism that enables more weight to be towed, activating and protecting the unit should it encounter any obstructions.

• Three or six speeds and can be used for water irrigation or be used stationary
• Wider spread than traditional travelling irrigators
• Able to irrigate larger volumes per hour than traditional travelling irrigators

• Even spread and depth ensures even application and minimizes risk of ponding
• Can irrigate on one side - great for sidlings or in close proximity to drains
• Ability to be used in a stationary position if required

• Minimum application depth: 1mm
• Minimum application rate: 4.2mm per hour
• Wetted width: 46m to 75m
• Travel distance: up to 400m
• Travel speeds: 0 to 3.5m per minute
• Minimum PSI: 50
• Maximum PSI: 120
• 9 - 80mÑ per hour